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Is your fireplace or chimney in a bad shape? You may be concerned about the state of your system, but knowing what to expect  and the costs can be a tricky process. Learn more about typical repair costs below, then count on our team to get the job done. Have any questions? Do not hesitate to give us a call. We would be happy to help!

Addressing Water Damage

masonry chimney with birdsWater is one of the most harmful substances that your chimney can come into contact with. A little rain may not seem like a big deal when it comes to your durable masonry structure. However, all the moisture can easily work its way into your brickwork and mortar and cause it to break down. Things like leak repair, crown replacement, flashing installation, and more are all necessary and worthwhile investments.

Leaky repair will typically cost about $350, when you hire a professional. This includes flashing repair, as well as sealing cracks in the structure. Need some work on your crown? Expect to pay anywhere between $150 – $300 for these services, depending on the extent of the damage.

Broken Down Masonry

When it comes to repairing or restoring your damaged masonry, prices could vary depending on the shape of your system. A few minor cracks shouldn’t be more than $200, but if you need rebuilding work, you could be looking at somewhere between $1000 and $3000. Are you replacing the entire chimney and fireplace? You should plan on spending around $10,000.

Removing Creosote

A chimney sweeping can take you far when it comes to avoiding damage. The more creosote you have, the more likely you are to face a chimney fire, so investing $100 – $300 every year on a thorough sweeping is a must. It’s worth it when it comes to a safe and efficient appliance year after year.

Is It Worth The Cost?

If you find yourself wondering if it’s worth putting all of this money into repairs and regular maintenance, you are not alone. Unfortunately, putting chimney repairs on the back burner will usually only make things worse. If your system is already showing signs of deterioration, then you need to patch things up quickly or the damage will simply continue to get worse.

Neglecting your chimney can lead to inefficiency, gas leaks, chimney fires, and even collapses. Don’t take any risks. Invest in the care you deserve from our team of CSIA certified professionals right away!