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We Have Been Providing Expert Fireplace Inspections for Over 30 Years!

Do you know the state of your chimney and fireplace? It’s time to get a fireplace inspection to put your mind at ease! At Top Hat Chimney & Roofing, our team get to the root of your issues. A fireplace inspection helps to keep your informed on the condition of your system to keep your family and home safe from fire hazards, chimney leaks, and other issues. It also helps to keep your system running efficiently. Call the CSIA certified professionals at 479-751-0432 right now to get your annual inspection! 

When our experts sweeps come to assess your fireplace, you won’t have to a single worry anymore. You won’t have to compromise the safety of your family and home or the efficiency of the system. We offer 3 levels of inspections.

  1. Level 1 – This is a visual inspection performed when no changes have been made to your system. During this inspection, we check for blockages and damages.
  2. Level 2 – This is a more in-depth inspection than level 1, we check the interior of your chimney too. We use ChimScan cameras to check for damages on the interior. This inspection is needed when you have made a change to the system, when you are buying or selling your home, or after a problem occurs. 
  3. Level 3 – This is the most invasive inspection. It usually require the removal of a portion of your chimney to get to the root of an issue. We only perform this inspection if the other inspections are not able to reveal the problem. 

Check Out What Our Customers are Saying About Us

We had a horrible situation to deal with on a home we were trying to sell. The guys made it as easy as I think it could’ve been considering the situation. Sales knows what they’re doing, provided good advice, pictures and education. The Install team did a great job, brick looked top notch. They kept me up to date as I couldn’t make it by there very often. Will use them again if I need anything done in the future. Thanks guys.

Jay Cockerham

Top Hat was exactly what I needed! They inspected very quickly and thoroughly. They will be sealing my split brick and filling space that has drifted over time. Would suggest them to anyone in need. Thanks guys!

Jonathan Holder