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Here in Northwest Arkansas, we’re no stranger to storms and bad weather now and then – especially this time of year! Unfortunately, hail, strong winds, and more can lead to various types of roof-related damages, all of which need to be addressed before leaks and other major issues occur.

If you’ve found yourself with leaks, damaged shingles, and other types of roofing problems after a hail storm, don’t hesitate to call the team at Top Hat Chimney & Roofing right away. We have the expertise to set you up right, and we are known for providing top-notch customer service, as well. Just ask around or check out some reviews online – our customer feedback speaks for itself!

How Do I Know If I’ve Had Hail Damage?

Not sure how to identify hail damage? No problem. We have some tips for determining whether your shingles have been impacted by hail and bad weather or if they are simply suffering due to age. Also, keep in mind that unless hail is around 1.5 inches or bigger, it likely won’t cause damage that is too severe.

First of all, note that the damage will occur with no specific pattern. Hail hits your roof randomly, so any cracks, holes, or dents will be scattered throughout the area. It’s also common to see granule loss, as well as splitting throughout your shingles. You’ll want to check if you are missing parts of shingles, and try to see if the self-sealing strip has become loose, as this will cause the shingle to easily come off should strong winds occur down the line.

These are the most common things to look out for, but if you still are uncertain, be sure to call on our team for help. We would be happy to offer some professional insight and let you know the best plan for moving forward.

Will I Need Repairs Or An Entirely New Roof?

So, there are instances where some repair work will be all you need to get your roof strong and sturdy again. If your roof is on the newer side, then investing in necessary repairs should be all you need to do – this is the best-case scenario!

If your roof is on the older side, then a total re-do would be in your best interests. After all, why invest in repairs if you’re going to have to get a whole new roof a short time later? We recommend getting all the work at once and being done with it – it’ll be more cost-effective and much less time-consuming in the end.

If your roof is newer but has experienced extensive damage after an especially bad storm, a replacement may be necessary then, as well. Also, if you experience leaks that are affecting other areas of your home, replacing the roof may be a more cost-effective option. Again, we would be happy to discuss which path is right for your home and budget. Top Hat Chimney & Roofing will always keep your best interests in mind!

Why Is A Strong Roof Important?

We understand that investing in roofing repairs or a roof replacement may seem daunting, and oftentimes homeowners find themselves putting off necessary work to avoid a big bill. Unfortunately, neglecting proper care and maintenance can lead to even bigger issues down the line, all of which put your home at significant risk. Needless to say, there are many reasons a strong roof is important!

First and foremost, a sturdy roof ensures your home, family, and belongings all stay better protected, no matter what crazy weather is occurring outside. And speaking of outdoor weather, a newer and properly installed roof will also ensure your heating and cooling bills stay in check. You want to ensure heat and air conditioning don’t escape through any gaps or cracks, but you also need to ensure you have proper venting in place so humidity can escape. Trust in us to ensure you’re set up right!

A good roof increases your home’s value, too. If you’re looking to sell in the near future, a new roof may be just the ticket to get your home to sell quickly. Many homebuyers don’t want to mess with a lot of repair and renovation work, so this could make or break countless potential deals.

In the long run, investing in roofing repairs and replacement parts is typically the most cost-effective option you can choose. Avoiding necessary work can make you more vulnerable to leak and water damage, which will wind up costing you much more overall in-home repairs. It’s not worth putting off! Get the care and attention you deserve by calling on our experts now.

We’ve Been Tackling Roofing Repairs Since 1983

When you’ve been around as long as we have, you see just about everything. That’s why we are completely confident that we can tackle any roofing problem that’s thrown our way! We are members of the National Roofing Contractors Association, we’re accredited with the BBB, and we are highly rated on multiple sites throughout the Web. If you live in Northwest Arkansas, there’s no better team to trust! Give us a holler today.

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