Woodstoves, Fireplaces & Inserts — The Original Fire With Modern Conveniences & A Cleaner Burn

Real wood fires are hard to beat — there’s just something about them. For some, it’s the tall, flickering flames and the crackle of the burning wood. For others, it’s the radiant, chill-chasing warmth. Plus, wood is a readily available, renewable resource that’s affordable — you may not even have to buy it.

These are just a few of the reasons why wood appliances have always been popular. But today’s woodstoves, fireplaces, and inserts make life even better.

Regency Classic F1100 Wood Stove

Regency Classic F1100 Wood Stove

Regency Excalibur EX90 Wood Fireplace

Regency Excalibur EX90 Wood Fireplace

Regency Classic I1200 Wood Insert

Regency Classic I1200 Wood Insert

What Features Make Modern Woodstoves, Fireplaces & Inserts So Appealing?

In the past, wood fireplaces, woodstoves, and wood inserts were wasteful and inefficient. You might have experienced a lot of smoke problems, difficult to maintain fires, and low heat production from each log. But today’s wood hearth appliances rely on advanced wood burning technology to eliminate those problems.

With modern woodstoves, fireplaces, and inserts, you’ll enjoy:

  • less ash, creosote, and smoke, which means less mess, less air pollution, and a cleaner, easier to maintain fireplace, stove, or insert
  • easy ignition and easy to reach draft levers for better control over heat output
  • more radiant, warming fires
  • grills, refractory lined fireboxes, and ceramic glass to make sure more heat goes into your home — not up the chimney

Some also feature cooktop surfaces for those nights when you need an extra stove top to keep the apple pie and cinnamon chai warm. Yum.

And best of all, every wood burning hearth appliance we sell and install is EPA certified and approved clean burning, and can be customized to complement the look of your living space. Whether you have a small or large space to heat, there’s a woodstove, fireplace, or insert that will perfectly fit the space and the décor — we’re sure of it.

We’re Proud To Sell & Install The Best Wood Appliances From The Best Brands

As CSIA and NFI certified hearth specialists, we know just what makes a great appliance. We’ve done the research and we’re proud to sell and install the very best products from Astria, Regency, and Napoleon. The selection and craftsmanship is unparalleled!

Whether you want something that can warm your entire house for 30 hours or something to warm up a guest room in the evening, we have just the thing.

We also know how important installation is to the safety and performance of the fireplace, woodstove, or insert. Don’t make this a DIY project — protect your warranty and your home by trusting installation to Top Hat Chimney & Roofing. We’re experienced, highly trained, and knowledgeable, and we’ll make sure everything is installed and working as designed.

Ready to have your new woodstove, fireplace, or insert installed? Still shopping? Wherever you are in the process, we’re here to help. Give us a call at 479-751-0432 or fill out our online appointment request form today.

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