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If you are selling a home and it has a fireplace in it, you may be wondering if there are any extra bases you need to cover before completing the transfer of property. There is no doubt that a fireplace can benefit you in the resale process and many potential homebuyers have it on their wishlist, but that does not mean you won’t need to add a few steps to your checklist before you put your place on the market.

Now, many assume that, as long as they get their home inspection completed, they are good to go when it comes to the condition of their fireplace. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Home inspectors are actually not required to do an in-depth inspection of your chimney, so there could still be issues present that need to either be addressed before you sell or included in the description of the property.

Hiring a CSIA certified chimney sweep to provide you with a level 2 inspection is the recommended approach when it comes to selling a home and will ensure nothing is missed before your sale becomes final.

Learn more about a level 2 inspection below, then count on our qualified experts to help you out. Top Hat Chimney & Roofing is the place to turn if you live in the Fayetteville area!

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If you are not well-versed in chimney and fireplace lingo, then you might not know that there are three levels of inspections one can receive from their technician. The first is the most basic and is typically done when homeowners have kept up their appliance every year without any major changes taking place. The sweep will ensure no blockages, obstructions, or damages are present, they will be on their way.

A level three inspection, on the other hand, actually requires the sweep to take apart or deconstruct parts of the chimney to find the root of an issue. This is typically only done in the more extreme cases, and sweeps will only turn to this option if a level one or two inspections is not sufficient.

Level two inspections are the requirement for buying or selling a home. They include everything in a level one inspection, only they are a bit more in-depth. Sweeps will use video equipment to get a thorough look at your entire chimney space, ensuring there are no leaks, clogs, cracks, holes, or other types of damage in sight.

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