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Thinking of adding a fireplace to your home? We know this is a huge investment, so we understand if you are on the fence about it. That being said, we are quite certain this is one purchase you will not regret. Learn the benefits of a fireplace below, then count on the CSIA certified team here at Top Hat Chimney & Roofing for all of your installation needs. We’ve got your back from start to finish!

Improving Aesthetic

A major reason many people invest in a fireplace is because it significantly improves the overall aesthetic of a home. Picture a cooler evening spent indoors snuggled around a flame. Or consider how guests would enjoy a crackling fire when they come for holiday get-togethers. There is no doubt a fireplaces set a pleasant and relaxing mood for any occasion.

Increasing Home’s Value

Studies have shown that a fireplace can increase the value of your home. A large portion of homebuyers have a fireplace on their wishlist, and many would happily pay more for a home that had one. The warmth, comfort, and luxury that a fireplace add to a living space is undeniable, which is why so many people find them irresistible.

Real estate agents agree that fireplaces make a big difference in making a home more desirable. A nice, cozy flame in the main living space is known to draw people in. A well-maintained fireplace works wonders in making a house homier, and we are certain it will help it sell quicker too!

Lowering Your Energy Bills

While many people only think of the cosmetic benefits of a fireplace, they also have a functional purpose too. By adding warmth to your living space, you can lower your energy bills significantly. Everyone in your home will stay cozy and warm with a fireplace, and you will gain highly valued time together with your loved ones too.

When your monthly bills come, you will be extremely happy about the investment of your new fireplace.

Work With Our Crew Today

Spring is here, and many people are putting off fireplace usage until fall and winter. Because of this, now is the perfect time to invest in installation services you might need. Not to mention, our sweeps are not as busy either, so we can address any fireplace or chimney issues you may have.

When fall comes around, you will love having the fireplace of your dreams ready to go. What are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with our crew today. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!