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Dealing With A Leaky Chimney In Your Fayetteville Home Or Business? We’ll Take Care Of It

A chimney leak is always bad news, no matter where it starts. And sometimes, figuring out where and how water is making its way in is time-consuming, frustrating, and challenging. But whether you’ve caught your leak early on or late in the game, we can quickly locate the entry point, stop the leak, and take care of whatever repairs you need.

Leaky repairs and prevention of flashing damage in stainless steel
New copper caps in warehouse ready for installation
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Our team is experienced and educated and has fixed countless chimney leaks throughout Fayetteville, Bella Vista, Fort Smith, Eureka Springs, and the surrounding communities. We have the tools and knowledge to address leaks originating with the crown, the chase cover, the cap, the flashing, the masonry, and of course, the roof:

  • Crown Repair & Rebuild —The crown or cement covering of your masonry chimney is an area prone to chimney leaks. Even if the crown was properly built with a drip edge, crowns can wear thin or crack, allowing moisture into the chimney. The only way to stop these chimney leaks is to repair or rebuild the crown, but applying a water repellent can give added protection and prevent future leaks. No matter what your crown needs — cracks filled, waterproofing, or a completely new design — you can count on our highly trained and enthusiastic professionals to take care of it for you. We guarantee effective, long-lasting, attractive results, and we’ll make sure water stays out of your crown for good.
  • Chase Cover Repair & Replacement — Prefabricated or factory-built chimneys may not have a crown, but they should have a reliable chase cover made of high-grade metal. If the chase cover is made of a lower-grade metal, like aluminum, it can rust, sag, and even collapse, contributing to chimney leaks and moisture damage. How’s your chase cover looking? Is it keeping water out? We can make sure of it by making repairs or replacing it with a new custom-fitted stainless steel or copper chase cover.
  • Chimney Caps — Is a missing or leaky chimney cap to blame for your chimney leak? Keeping nesting animals, rain, snow, sleet, and debris out of your chimney and flue can be easy with the right chimney cap. Whether you have a multi-flue chimney and you want a chimney cap that will provide protection to the flues and the crown, you have a single flue chimney, or you’d like a damper/cap combo, we’ve got you covered. Our chimney caps and top-mounted dampers are crafted from stainless steel and copper and they’re built to last. Let one of our experts install your new cap or top-sealing damper today
  • Flashing Repair & Installation — The sheetmetal at the base of the chimney that’s woven into the roof is called the flashing. Flashing is designed to keep water out of this area, but poor installation, severe weather, moisture, animals, and strong winds can lift, dent, rust, or otherwise render flashing ineffective at stopping leaks. If your flashing is letting water into your chimney and needs repair, we can help. Our chimney and roofing experts will make sure the flashing is properly installed and watertight — we’ll even waterproof the flashing itself for added protection. Just ask!
  • Masonry Waterproofing — Believe it or not, the brick and mortar of your masonry chimney can absorb moisture and lead to leaks and costly water damage. As naturally porous materials, they’re bound to absorb some moisture, but once absorbed, moisture can cause damage and deterioration (like cracks, holes, spalling, etc.) that allows even more moisture in. The best way to prevent this type of chimney leak from occurring and to protect your chimney against water staining and deterioration is to waterproof your masonry with a reliable and effective product, like ChimneySaver water repellent. We’ll make sure the application is done just right so you can enjoy a more beautiful, longer-lasting chimney and a leak-free home.

Expertise You Can Trust

One thing that makes us different from other companies in the area is that we aren’t just chimney experts — we’re roofing experts, too. It can be challenging to differentiate a chimney leak from a roof leak, and when you have a leak in your home or business, you need answers and a solution fast. With Top Hat Chimney & Roofing, Inc., you get expertise and excellent service from professionals who know chimneys and roofs inside and out. We’ll get to the bottom of the leak and provide an effective solution — guaranteed.

Stop Leaks For Good With Top Hat Chimney & Roofing, Inc.

Do you have a leaky chimney? Don’t wait to have repairs made! Time is all a chimney leak needs to cause hundreds and even thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Instead, let Top Hat Chimney & Roofing, Inc. fix your leaky chimney and give you the tips and tools to prevent future leaks.

Call 479-751-0432 and we’ll send an experienced and helpful chimney leak professional out to your home to inspect your chimney and let you know what can be done to fix it. Give us a call or request an appointment online — we’ll have your leak repaired in no time.


If you have a business that requires industrial smokestack maintenance, rest assured our team of chimney, venting and masonry professionals can do the job.

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