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Since 1983, the team of roofing experts here at Top Hat Chimney & Roofing has been working hard to remediate leaks and keep the commercial and residential roofs of Fayetteville and the neighboring areas in tip-top shape. We have decades of training and real life experience detecting leaks, and we know exactly how to pinpoint them, stop them, and prevent them. Our attention to detail and years of experience separates us from other companies and allows us to stand behind our work.

Are you dealing with a leaky roof? We inspect, diagnose, and repair commercial and residential roofs of all sizes, and we can save you time and money by quickly pinpointing entry points, damage, and vulnerable areas and offering long-lasting, effective solutions.

What Causes Roof Leaks?

While roof leaks can originate just about anywhere, commonly flashing and coping is to blame.

Flashing is the sheet metal that’s installed over otherwise vulnerable areas and penetrations, like where the chimney and roof meet, where skylights and vents are installed, and where the roof meets perimeter walls. Installation isn’t always done up to standards, which is why flashing can fail to keep water out even when it’s relatively new.

In order to last, it’s imperative that the flashing be made of quality metal and be strategically placed and layered. It should be free of gaps, lifts, and dents that could allow wind or rain to enter. Otherwise, strong storms can pull up flashing and peel back roof coverings, while water can leak into the home or business.

Coping is the cap flashing that covers the perimeter wall and roof where they meet. Coping can be found on most commercial buildings with low-slope or flat roofs, and can be made of a number of materials, including metal. As with flashing, installation of coping is most important — if it’s installed improperly or poorly designed, water can quickly become a problem.

If your coping or flashing is behind your roof leak, rest assured we’ll fix it fast. We have decades of experience installing and repairing flashing and coping and use the most trusted products and materials and proven methods for the job. When we’re done, you can be confident the leak will no longer be an issue.

Extend Your Roof’s Life & Get Leak Protection, Heat Protection & Sun Protection With Roof Coating

Once we’ve identified leaks and made the repairs, you may want to consider investing in roofing coating. These coatings are made of silicone, asphalt, elastomeric acrylic, polyurethane, SEBS, and other materials, and can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed onto the roof. They’re rubberized and flexible, and they can be used to prevent leaks by covering even small hairline cracks and openings in the roof. They also protect against other damage — like sun and heat damage. And the best news is: when professionally applied, a roof coating can prolong the life of your roof by 10+ years.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of roof coating, which roofing types can be coated, and what materials are used and when.

Roof Leak Detection and Repair by tech using mortar.

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Roof leaks can contribute to a great deal of damage in a short amount of time, so it’s important to act fast. If you think you may have a leaky roof, call Top Hat Chimney & Roofing at 479-751-0432 or request an appointment online. We’ll thoroughly inspect your roof and provide a full report and detailed plan of action so you can move forward with repairs.


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