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Rusted Out Chase Cover? We Repair & Replace Chase Covers For Long-Lasting Leak Protection

Masonry chimneys are protected at the top by a crown, which is a cement covering that’s fitted to the chimney stack. But what about prefabricated or factory-built chimneys? While these chimneys don’t have a crown, per se, they should be protected with a chase cover.

Chase covers are metal coverings that, like crowns, are installed at the very top of the chimney stack. They’re designed to keep water, birds, animals, and debris out of the chimney itself, so that the chimney will remain in great condition for as long as possible.

Top Hat original photo before chase cover repair.  Rusty with holes - Arkansas

Chase Cover Before

Chase cover after repair with new stainless steel cover.

Chase Cover After

Do All Prefab Chimneys Have & Need Chase Covers?

You may be wondering, if it’s so important, shouldn’t all prefabricated chimneys already have chase covers? Yes, and most do. But what we commonly find is that most stock chase covers are made of a cheap scrap metal that’s not strong enough to last and effectively protect the chimney.

Are you struggling to figure out what’s causing your factory-built chimney to leak? It could be a low-quality, poorly installed, rusted-out chase cover.

Many chase covers rust through in a short time, contribute to ugly rust stains running down the sides of the chase, and sag under the pressure of heavy rain, sleet, and snow. Some even collapse, dumping all that rain, sleet, or snow down into the chimney chase. But what’s the solution?

My Prefab Chimney’s Leaking — What’s The Solution?

If your chase cover is damaged, poorly installed, or made of a low-quality sheet metal, the solution is an expertly crafted, professionally installed chase cover made of a strong, rust-resistant metal. Here at Top Hat Chimney & Roofing, Inc., we use durable stainless steel and copper — not basic sheet metal — to custom-craft chase covers for a perfect fit. You can be confident our chase covers will protect against these conditions:

  • wood rot
  • chimney leaks
  • rust stains and corrosion
  • nesting animals and birds

Pair your new chase cover with a durable and attractive chimney cap, and no matter how big or small your chimney, we guarantee long-lasting protection against chimney leaks and animals.

Stop worrying about your chimney and put an end to unsightly rust stains and costly water damage — call Top Hat Chimney & Roofing, Inc.’s certified leak repair and prevention team at 479-751-0432. We’ll make sure your prefab chimney has all the protection it needs. Protect your investment — call or request an appointment online today. 


Fixing a leaky chimney may be as simple as adding a new chimney cap. Keep water and debris out of your chimney with this easy fix.

New stainless steel chase cover on brick chimney

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