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As Venting Experts, Dryer Vent Maintenance Is In Our Wheelhouse

Chimneys and dryer vents aren’t that much different — both vent an appliance and accumulate buildup, and both require regular cleanings and maintenance. That’s why, for more than 30 years, we’ve included dryer vent cleaning, repair, and installation in our service offerings. We believe that our customers deserve the best service and a safer, more convenient home, and we’re here to help.

Why Invest In Dryer Vent Care?

Well, even if you’re religious about emptying your lint trap, a lot of lint will end up in your dryer vents. Even if there’s only 1/2” buildup of lint, efficiency is cut by just under 40%, which means you’ll be running your dryer for longer to accomplish the same job. Not only will this waste time and energy and make your clothes dryer work harder, but since lint is flammable, it can also cause a dryer vent fire.

Preventable, lint-related dryer vent fires account for more than $500 million in property damage and an average of 100 injuries every year here in the U.S.

On top of that, lint-filled dryer vents are a health hazard. Gas appliances produce carbon monoxide, and if the vent is clogged or blocked, this dangerous gas can make its way into your home and harm you and your family.

These same problems can arise if the venting is improperly installed or if ducts are damaged or loose. But with regular dryer vent cleanings and proper installation, you’ll enjoy lower fire risk, lower risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, and lower energy bills.

Dryer Vent insulated pipe

What To Look For To Determine When You Need Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

You may not need to have your dryer vents cleaned every year, but an inspection will keep you in the know. During an inspection, our certified techs will examine your venting and determine whether or not your vents need cleaned. You can also look for some tell-tale signs, like these:

  • Repeat cycles and longer dry times to sufficiently dry clothes
  • Hotter appliance and hotter clothes after a cycle
  • Strange smells near the dryer
  • Lint buildup around the vent and appliance

Any of these can signal a dirty dryer vent that could use a good cleaning.

As experienced professionals with extensive training and education, we’ve invested in proper tools and equipment (like the RoVac Dryer Vent Cleaning System) so we can provide a better and more thorough dryer vent cleaning. We’re not winging it — we’ve done this countless times before and we’ll keep your home and property clean throughout.

We’re Trained & Equipped To Repair & Install Or Re-Vent Your Dryer Vents

Many of us know we need to have our dryer vents cleaned, but what if those dryer vents are improperly installed or damaged? What types of problems will you have and who can you trust to help?

Sometimes dryer vents function inefficiently and get dirtier, faster, because of the path they travel through the home. For years, the clothes dryer was installed against an outside wall of the home, typically in the basement, which meant the vent itself didn’t cover much ground, and the lint and byproducts of combustion didn’t have far to travel to reach the outside.

But with the desire to increase convenience, builders began placing clothes dryers in closets and hallways, and on second floors, oftentimes paying little regard to the laws of airflow and the path of the attached venting. Builders typically consider the path of the dryer vent as an afterthought, which can lead to a host of turns, twists, bends, rises, and dips, none of which are conducive to efficient airflow and venting.

This can cause a host of problems:

  • Longer dry times
  • Harder working and shorter-lived clothes dryers
  • Increased fire and carbon monoxide hazards
  • Higher utilities

Not only do we find long, winding, ineffective dryer vents, but we also find that many of these ducts are attached with simple duct tape. While duct tape may work for a while, heat and moisture can cause it to come loose.

Gaps and loose ducts can cause clothes dryer performance problems and allow heat and carbon monoxide to transfer into the living spaces the venting travels through — definitely not something you want.

Did you know that 1/3 of all dryer vents are improperly installed or vented? We want to get that number down to zero.

Whether you’re adding a clothes dryer to a new space and want to make sure the vent installation is done properly or you’re looking for a company to re-vent or repair your long, inefficient, or improperly installed dryer vents, Top Hat Chimney & Roofing, Inc. can help.

Our team of CSIA-certified technicians have an extensive understanding of these systems and can perform your dryer vent installation, repair, or re-vent quickly, professionally, and without making a mess of your home or property.

Is it time to have your dryer vents cleaned, repaired, re-vented, or installed? Call on Top Hat Chimney & Roofing, Inc. at 479-751-0432. We’re educated, highly-experienced, dependable, and honest, and we’re only a phone call away. Call or reach out to us online today.


Our chimney, venting and masonry services include a professional chimney sweeping to help keep your chimney in safe operating condition. Ask us for more information about this important service today.

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