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One thing that can’t be neglected is the masonry of your chimney and fireplace. While brick can last a hundred years or more, the mortar joints between the brick can deteriorate in a much shorter time span. Once the mortar joints begin to erode, gap, and crack, they put pressure on the surrounding brick and allow more moisture to enter the masonry.

Of course, brick doesn’t always last a century, especially if it has begun to absorb large amounts of water from rain, snow, and sleet. Once inside the brick, moisture will expand and contract, forcing the brick to break down from the inside out.

While you may not know masonry damage is occurring on the inside of your brick chimney or fireplace, there are some signs you may spot, like these:

  • pieces of brick that have crumbled or flaked off
  • cracks in the brick and mortar of your chimney or fireplace
  • receding mortar joints or gaps between the bricks of your chimney or fireplace
  • water staining or other discoloration (like the white staining known as efflorescence)
  • vegetation growth on your chimney or fireplace (look for mold, mildew, and algae)
  • leaks or signs of water damage inside your home

While no one wants to learn of masonry damage, if you suspect that your chimney or fireplace needs some repair work, the best time to act is now. Putting off repairs can allow damage to worsen — and the worse the damage is, the more challenging and costly repairs may be. Make sure your chimney and fireplace maintain their strength and beauty by calling on Top Hat Chimney & Roofing. Our team of         CSIA-certified chimney experts can restore and repair masonry and prevent damage from happening in the future.


We specialize in the following services:

  • Repointing — When mortar joints (the joints between the bricks) are cracking, receding, or eroding, they need to be sealed, filled, and strengthened in order to prevent further water damage and unnecessary pressure on the surrounding brick. We achieve this through a process known as pointing or repointing. We mix a mortar to match the existing mortar, grind away the damaged area, and fill the joints with the freshly mixed and matched mortar. Our team will make sure the joints are properly packed and filled, and we pride ourselves on leaving the surrounding brick undamaged and clean. The result = a stronger, more beautiful chimney or fireplace.
  • Tuckpointing — We also offer tuckpointing services for chimneys and fireplaces that have some minor brick damage. Tuckpointing is like repointing in that we may use a mortar to fill any receding mortar joints; but it differs in that we may also use a mortar that’s color matched to the brick to fill in places where the brick has partially flaked, cracked, or eroded. Think of it as a more attractive, natural looking solution to slight brick deterioration.
  • Firebox Repair — Fireboxes are made of refractory mortar and firebrick or refractory panels, but these important areas can deteriorate over time as well. When holes, gaps, or other damage make an appearance in the firebox, it’s important that repairs be made before lighting another fire. If not, sparks, heat, smoke, and gases can seep through the damaged areas and increase the risk of house fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. For firebox repairs, we can fill gaps and holes with fresh refractory mortar, replace firebrick, or replace refractory paneling for a safer, more beautiful fireplace.
  • Chimney & Fireplace Rebuilds — When damage is more broad and devastating, it may make more sense to partially or fully rebuild the chimney or fireplace. But rest assured, we’ll make sure the results are stunning and effective. With Top Hat Chimney & Roofing on the job, you don’t have to worry about botched masonry, an unattractive end product, or a poorly performing, unsafe system. We’re certified, highly trained, and experienced, and we know what it takes to build it right.
  • Masonry Waterproofing — No one wants to invest in masonry repairs only to have damage and deterioration show up again in a year or two. With our masonry waterproofing services, you can rest assured your chimney and fireplace will maintain their beauty, well after repairs are made. The products we use are environmentally friendly, proven to be 99.9% effective, and they won’t alter the beautiful masonry appearance you love. Waterproofing is the best thing you can do after investing in masonry repairs!

Ready to have your masonry chimney or fireplace inspected so you know just how bad the damage is and what needs to be done? Call Top Hat Chimney & Roofing at 479-751-0432 or request an appointment online today. We guarantee excellent service and we know our enthusiastic professionals will meet your needs and take great care of you.


We do all sorts of chimney repairs and restorations, including smoke chamber repair and parging. Find out what all that means for your safety when you give us a call.

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