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Spring rains are a welcome sight after weeks of snow and ice, but for chimney owners, they could mean damages are on the way. Fortunately, there are various ways to prevent water-related issues throughout your chimney and fireplace, and the team here at Top Hat Chimney & Roofing, Inc. is here to help with it all!

The Importance Of Chimney Flashing & Waterproofing - Fayetteville AR - Top Hat ChimneyWhy Masonry Needs To Be Protected

So, why does your masonry chimney need a little extra protection from rain and excess moisture? Well, if your brickwork is exposed to water, it will quickly start to absorb it, leading to lots of decay, deterioration, and weakening over time. As cracks and holes form throughout the structure, operating your system will become dangerous, since flames, smoke, carbon monoxide, and more will then have easy access to the rest of your home.

The more the chimney breaks down, the higher your chances will be of experiencing a settlement or collapse, as well. All in all, you’ll be looking at a lot of expensive repair work, and it will take quite a bit of time to address, too. Restoration work and rebuilds are no easy job to tackle! That being said, if you do need care, our team would be happy to lend a hand. We’re qualified, experienced, and we always offer fair price points. Reach out now to learn more!

All About Waterproofing

So, what can be done to ensure your brickwork and mortar aren’t left exposed to the elements? Well, one important step is to invest in waterproofing services from a team of CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps. Professionally-done waterproofing ensures your system stays protected, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

So, how does it work? Well, the products we use offer reliable protection to your brickwork, without leaving a thick, glossy shine that ruins the look of your structure. Store-bought paints and sealers are often thicker, and they can change the overall appearance of your system because of this – not ideal at all!

Another big reason why it’s important to hire a pro to get this job done is to ensure your masonry remains vapor-permeable, which means that any pre-absorbed moisture can still effectively escape. Other products keep water out, but the moisture already inside will then not be able to get out. In the end, your system will continue to break down, and you’ll still have a lot of damage to address down the line.

Requesting help from a qualified crew that knows what they’re doing will ensure you stay better protected for the long haul. Ready to get this process going? Call on our experts today. We use a highly-ranked product called ChimneySaver that also protects your structure from mold, mildew, stains, fungus, efflorescence, and more, and we’d be happy to set you up right!

The Role Of Flashing

Unfortunately, waterproofing is only effective if it is combined with other types of leak prevention. Another big thing we recommend investing in is flashing. Flashing is a piece of metal that is specially formed to fit in the area where your roof meets your chimney. Why is this area so vulnerable? Well, the materials that make up these areas of your home contract and expand at different rates, so there’s often a sizable gap through which water can enter your home.

This would obviously lead to lots of damage. Your woodwork will rot, your ceiling and walls will stain, and many parts of your home and chimney will start to deteriorate. Equipping this space with the protection it needs to prevent water and moisture from entering is a must!

Unfortunately, flashing that was installed incorrectly or damaged at some point cannot do an effective job. It may rust or become cracked, and if this is the case, then water will easily enter your home and wreak havoc. Let our team check things over! We can repair or install flashing, as necessary, and we only use the best tools and products, so you’ll get the high-quality results you deserve.

Other Types Of Leak Prevention

While both waterproofing and flashing installation is vital for keeping out water, there are other investments you can make to keep you safer, too. A chimney cap is a big part of leak prevention, as it covers the top of the flue, ensuring water doesn’t simply fall into your chimney. Caps also keep out animals, debris, and downdrafts, and they serve as spark arrestors, too.

It’s also important that your chimney crown is in good condition, and if you have a prefabricated unit, then a reliable chase cover will be necessary, as well. Not sure where to start? Just reach out to our team! We’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

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